Acupuncture For IVF

Acupuncture for IVF 

Acupuncture is the most commonly used complementary treatment alongside IVF treatment and has become integrated into many of the best fertility clinics across the world.

A study in 1992 found that conception rates with acupuncture rose to 42.5% compared to a non acupuncture control group that achieved a success rate of only 26.5%.¹ The interest generated by this research led to similar trials, which produced similar results. More recently the British Medical Journal analysed all the available research that stood up to rigorous scrutiny.² This large study involving 1366 patients also found that acupuncture significantly increases the success of IVF treatment.


It has been suggested that acupuncture may increase implantation rates through³: 

• regulating stress hormones that affect implantation
• modulating neuroendocrinological factors (regulating hormone levels)
• increasing blood flow to the uterine lining
• modulating cytokines and immune response

1) Paulus, Fertility and Sterility Vol: 77, No. 4, APRIL 2002
2) Manheimer E, Zhang G, Udoff L, et al. Effects of acupuncture on rates of pregnancy and live birth among women undergoing in vitro fertilisation: systematic review and
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A recent systematic review in the British Medical Journal  concluded that using acupuncture alongside  IVF achieved a 65% clinical pregnancy rate.  This study involved giving acupuncture shortly before and after embryo transfer. Research shows acupuncture can reduce uterine contractions and as a consequence may  reduce the risk of miscarriage. 

Our Acupuncture and IVF Programme

We offer ART Support  after a minimum of 4 – 8 weeks preparatory acupuncture dependent on your medical history. This is to prepare your body and maximise your chances of success.  We encourage our patients to have acupuncture  for a  2 – 3 month period, to prepare for an IVF cycle. The reason for this is to work on the health of the eggs and prepare the body for a healthy pregnancy.

After an initial assessment, medical history and lifestyle and dietary analysis. We will develop a individualised treatment programme usually weekly to prepare for your cycle. 

IVF Cycle

It is recommended to have weekly acupuncture  from the first day of medication through to embryo transfer.  We use the most up to date protocols together with treating each person as an individual to manage side effects and obtain the best possible treatment outcome. 

Acupuncture After Egg Collection
IVF patients are recommended to have an acupuncture treatment after egg collection, to reduce any local tissue trauma or bleeding, and help prepare a calm environment for the arrival of an embryo.

Acupuncture and Embryo Transfer (or Frozen Embryo Transfer)
We recommend a fertility acupuncture session before embryo transfer and  after embryo transfer to improve pregnancy rates. Ideally, this is recommended within 24 hours of your embryo transfer appointment.

This protocol is the same for frozen embryo transfers (FET).

Acupuncture and Implantation
We recommend two fertility acupuncture treatments during the two week wait period before you take a pregnancy test. The first treatment is to support implantation.

Implantation time can vary depending on when the embryos were transferred. It is usually about 2-3 days after a day 3 embryo transfer, and the day of or the day after a day 5 embryo transfer. The second treatment during the two week wait is to support you emotionally, to ease anxiety and promote relaxation.


Fertility Acupuncturist – Colette Assor LicAc MBAcC

acupuncture for IVF

IVF acupuncture London

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Colette Assor runs a  Natural fertility acupuncture clinic at North West London physiotherapy centre in Hendon and in Finchley N12. Colette has 20 years  clinical experience  and has completed post graduate training in fertility acupuncture and is a member of the British fertility Society .Colette is also a member of a network of highly experienced acupuncturists who  work as part of a team to give you the best possible treatment outcome. Colette is a proud member of the British Acupuncture Council and abides by a strict code of conduct. 

Colette was a life saver. I would thoroughly recommend her as a kind caring and extremely professional  acupuncturist. I had 6 sessions of acupuncture alongside my IVF. I found the acupuncture helped me relax and was a big help on the IVF rollercoaster.  I now have a healthy baby boy and am so pleased i tried the acupuncture. ”  BO, Hendon 

“Thank you so much Colette  for all your support throughout the IVF process and pregnancy. We have a beautiful baby girl – a dream come true. We will always be thankful for your caring support and dedication ”  M.A, NW9

bfsAccredited-Registers-mark-large (4)All British Acupuncture Council Members observe a strict code of conduct.

Please call 0208 368 1130 for a free telephone consultation. or skype call: colette.assor


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Fertility acupuncture North London

Fertility Acupuncture London

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Acupuncture for IVF  London