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Acupuncture North London| Colette Assor

“Ten minutes after needles are inserted into my head, ears and feet, I’m asleep on the treatment table. That night I stir, but I don’t have a nightmare. After my last session, I wake less and recall fewer dreams. Acupuncture has a cumulative effect, so the more treatments you have, the more likely you are to sleep soundly. Sign me up for four more.”

Deputy Features

Editor Glamour Magazine.


“I phoned Colette when I was 35 weeks pregnant and in a lot of pain with my carpel tunnel syndrome. She managed to fit me that same day. She was sympathetic and really knowledgeable. After 2 sessions I felt much much better. Many thanks”

Mrs G Vernon

Medical Practitioner GP. Mill Hill


“After a series of visits to Colette for pain following shoulder surgery, I have seen a huge improvement in my symptoms. Colette put me at ease immediately with her assured, calming manner and she has a great ability to explain symptoms and treatment in layman terms. Wish I would have found her sooner!”

JB Psychologist


I went to see Colette to help and support pregnancy, she always listened and tailored her treatments accordingly. I also felt acupuncture helped me manage life's stresses better

Local GP.


“I have been referring patients to Colette  most of whom have anxiety and depression.We have found the combination of acupuncture and CBT to be an effective remedy in the treatment of all stress related conditions. All of my patients have found Colette to be an excellent practitioner.

I would recommend Colette as a reputable and trusted Acupuncturist.”

Meir Stolear BA (Hons) MSc London Senior accredited psychotherapist


“Amazing experience. I have worked with Colette whilst I was going through my IVF/PGD. I found her to be extremely experienced and capable with a real passion for what she does. I leave every session feeling revived, relaxed and so positive. I even have a sleep! I am feeling blessed to be in my 3rd trimester. ”



I first saw Colette over a year ago just before I began my IVF/PGD treatment.I can only try to explain how much the Acupuncture helped my anxiety levels, we had gone through a miscarriage beforehand, and I was on tenterhooks, my mind was very negative. Yet, when I leave a session I feel calm and I feel more positive.
It also helps that Colette is very knowledgable, and talks to me about how I feel, therefore, she is able to bespoke the treatment for me.
My Acupuncture continued, pre embryo transfer and post embryo transfer. I’m happy to say, I am currently 17 weeks and 3 days pregnant.
I continue to see Colette when I feel I need a session or if I have any worries in my pregnancy.
Colette is a very compassionate woman, who has been more than flexible in fitting me in whenever possible. She checks in with me, to see how I’m getting on and I’m so pleased she has been a major part in this journey with me.
Therefore, I would highly recommend her.
Big Thank you!

Maria Economou


“I have suffered from hay fever for more than 10 years and I’ve noticed that it has progressively worsened. Over the last 6 years I have used all the possible combinations of products available on the market and as a qualified health care professional I thought I had tailor made my annual regimen. Though my symptoms didn’t completely go, I thought there was nothing else I could try, until I heard about acupuncture. My profession is about pharmaceutics, so I had reservations about this, until I looked deeper into how acupuncture helps, that’s when I came across Colette. After just 8 session I have never felt such relief from my hay fever symptoms. Colette is a fantastic therapist, very professional and committed and I give her the highest of recommendations.! ”

N.U. Pharmacist


“I would just like to let you know I am extremely happy with the service provided by Colette Assor, your acupuncturist – she is so kind and professional and her treatments definitely work! I was diagnosed with unexplained infertility and got naturally pregnant in just under three months of her treatments. I could not be happier! Not only that, she treated me holistically, taking into account my lifestyle, diet, anxiety issues, etc as well as my physiological problem. I think Colette is an excellent acupuncturist and would highly recommend her to other clients.“

Tara Cujovic Tramsak

Veterinary Surgeon Fertility patient


“Colette is a phenomenal Acupuncturist”