I have been seeing Colette for acupuncture for just under a year and have found it an extremely beneficial in so many aspects, but the most important one being that it has contributed towards me becoming pregnant. I have been suffering from severe endometriosis and have been having IVF treatment because of this. The acupuncture has helped calm down my endometriosis I have not had a bad attack of endometrial pain since starting acupuncture; it has also helped bring my periods on when the IVF medication was causing them to be extremely delayed and out of sync; it has helped enormously with my stress levels during this trying time; and as previously stated it has contributed towards me have a successful IVF treatment. Colette is really warm and makes every session relaxing, she is also really useful to be able to talk to during the IVF process as she is very experienced with the different stages and protocols. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anybody who needs or wants acupuncture as I have found the experience with her to be extremely rewarding.