Colette has been a huge support to me whilst I tried to conceive, she provided a relaxing, safe and caring environment for acupuncture. She is highly knowledgeable in fertility and women’s health and when things didn’t always work out whilst I underwent different fertility treatments, she pointed me in the right direction, putting my husband and I in touch with different specialists, which saved us time and heartache along the way. She is highly thought of in her field of expertise. I am now in the early stages of pregnancy and she is a big part of the journey it took to get here, I’ll be forever grateful for her support.
Amy Daghorn
16:02 23 Oct 21
I would highly recommend Colette for any fertility or anxiety issues. I struggled with both of these and within 4 months of treatment I was pregnant, exactly as she had predicted. Colette takes a holistic approach to her work, combining acupuncture with diet and lifestyle suggestions. She's incredibly knowledgeable in all aspects of the fertility process so you really feel like you're in the best possible hands. Her clinic is a warm, clean and relaxing space and she goes to great lengths to keep the environment completely Covid secure.
Clare Stern
15:04 31 Mar 21
I am currently 20 weeks pregnant with my first child after an IVF cycle. I am delighted and highly recommend Colette to anyone who needs help with their fertility. She is so professional and knowledgeable and has changed our lives. I am continuing to see Colette throughout my pregnancy as it's so relaxing.
Sonia O'Brien
13:44 09 Nov 20
Colette has been so very supportive to us during our fertility journey. My husband and I both had treatment with her along the way.My appointments with Colette not only reduced my stress levels, but were also a great opportunity to ask some of those silly questions that are swimming around in your mind.As well as all of this, I have no doubt that the acupuncture helped us to improve our results and chances at every stage. We were over the moon when our treatment worked.With all of the new regulations due to Covid, Colette ensured she was in a position to offer safe treatment where all safety and hygiene guidelines were followed. I was still able to access acupuncture and feel safe to do so.Colette is knowledgeable, informative and has years of experience. I would highly recommend getting in touch and booking an appointment.
19:17 08 Oct 20
I started seeing Colette to help with my diagnosis of PCOS and support my fertility journey. The acupuncture was relaxing, and I am sure supported my medical treatment which resulted in becoming pregnant.Mostly I really believe the acupuncture calmed down my nervous system and helped me deal with the stress of infertility and in general have a more relaxed and happy outlook.Colette's calm nature, kind reassuring words, steady approach, years of fertility experience, advice on diet & your overall well being with methods in dealing with anxiety and stress, combined with my doctor was the perfect combination to assist with a pregnancy.I would not hesitate for a second to recommend Colette to anyone.
09:38 06 Apr 20
I found Colette to be very professional in her approach. She looked at me holistically and provided dietary and stress reduction recommendations. Colette was relaxed and this helped relax me during my acupuncture sessions with her. I would highly recommend Colette.
E Shiel
23:05 17 Jan 20
Colette helped me to get my mind and body aligned and in the best possible state to conceive. Colette’s holistic approach meant that we spent time analysing my lifestyle to identify the key problem areas. At 29, with no obvious health complications, stress and sleep deprivation were my main problems. Colette worked to bring down my stress levels which massively improved my ability sleep. We discussed diet and mindful exercise and Colette’s expertise meant that she could confidently direct me to time saving medical tests. Having the guidance of someone so knowledgeable was invaluable. I saw Colette weekly for just 2 months and was delighted to find that by my third cycle working with Colette, I was pregnant. Whilst it is obviously essential to ensure the process is a joint one and your partner is fit and healthy, I think it is about giving your body the best possible chance, and I really feel that by seeing Colette I did that. I would confidently recommend Colette to anyone that has issues with stress or anxiety, particularly when trying to conceive - men too! Elena.
09:26 14 Jan 20
I initially went to see Colette, as I was interested in the holistic approach to boosting fertility.A close family member recommended her and it was important to me that she was a trusted and approved acupuncturist.Colette supported me both physically and emotionally through many months of tests, which finally led to a successful cycle of IVF.I left her sessions feeling relaxed, calm and with a positive outlook on my upcoming treatments.I feel she went above and beyond her duty of care, messaging me in between sessions checking to see how I was doing.I would recommend acupuncture to anyone embarking on trying to get pregnant either naturally or through assisted fertility.As a GP myself I will definitely be referring patients to Colette.I am very grateful for all that she has done for me.
James & Sophie KD
19:26 23 Apr 19