Effie –  Natural Fertility patient.

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Just three months after seeing Colette, my wish came true, I fell pregnant! I was so shocked to see that positive test, I almost couldn’t believe my eyes. To any of you considering having acupuncture, I would fully recommend Colette. Her service is professional, personal and successful! It’s not just the acupuncture that helps, it’s the person behind the treatment that makes all the difference. Thank you again Colette for all you have done for me and my family, you helped make my dreams a reality.

At the age of 37, and after nearly two years of trying to conceive a second baby, during which I had two miscarriages, I had started to lose hope altogether in being able to fall pregnant again. I was at a real low point. During this dark time, a good friend recommended Colette to me, as she had been seeing her. I heard such positive things that I just had to get in touch.

I held out for Colette to have availability, and I am so glad that I did! When my treatment commenced, I was so stressed at work and my diet was poor. I was at a complete loss. Colette chose the right time to discuss a diet plan with me, which I fully took on board (plus I managed to lose a stone in weight and felt great). The acupuncture began taking effect after a couple of sessions, as I would always come out feeling calm and at ease. I felt far more able to handle stressful situations both at work and in my personal life. She became a true friend to me and I felt like I could tell her anything. She checked in on me between appointments and was always prepared to offer a helping hand. I felt genuinely cared for.