Many patients visit our clinic with migraine headaches.  Acupuncture is a recommended treatment on the NHS website for migraine and tension type headaches. 

A large overview of the research confirms the benefits of acupuncture in preventing migraines.

Our  clinical experience is supported by further research evidence which shows that acupuncture is more effective than conventional drug treatment for migraine and gives less side-effects.

Treatment usually involves 6-8 weekly treatments after which the gap between treatments can usually be extended. 

NICE (The National Institute for Clinical Excellence) now recommends a course of up ten acupuncture sessions over 5-8 weeks for those whom drug treatment is unsuitable or ineffective.

Colette Assor Lic Ac MBAcC  is a member of the British Acupuncture council, the leading regulatory body of acupuncturists in the UK  & a Senior Associate of The Royal Society of Medicine with 20 years clinical experience.

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