Fertility and Covid 19

Fertility and IVF Support.     

The novel corona virus and the resulting restrictions on both elective and complementary medicine have created a lot of anxiety for prospective parents and their family planning, particularly those struggling with fertility issues.

Fertility clinics across the world  have stopped their operations after the recommendations that treatment cycles for most patients be suspended to prevent any COVID-19-related complications and to reduce pressure on hospitals and health systems potentially leading to delays and leading to additional anxiety. 

Nourish the Soil before you plant the Seed

As an Acupuncturist my  approach to fertility treatment is  is holistic: focusing on  the connection between the  physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of my patients with the goal to optimise fertility.  It is really important whether trying to conceive naturally or with assisted conception ( IVF, IUI, Chlomid) to prepare  for a healthy pregnancy. When working with my patients I always try to work with patients for at least three – four months  to influence egg health and achieve optimal fertility Our treatment goal is to “nourish the soil before you plant the seed”to achieve a healthy pregnancy.

I understand the frustration of planning for an IVF  cycle to have it abruptly halted, the resulting shock and feelings of disappointment and dispair. On consultation with many of my patients we  chatted and came to the conclusion that this can be transformed into an opportunity to  prepare either naturally or  for an IVF cycle and to continue  working on on the  key pillars of  optimal fertility:  diet, nutrition, egg health, and stress reduction.


On Line Fertility Tele Medicine

As a fertility acupuncturist, my first step is our initial consultation to try and get to the root of the problem whether it is PCOS, unexplained infertility or indeed anything that is presented to prepare adequately for an IVF cycle. Our initial consultation will include a full medical history, with a view  to understanding the  body systems both in terms of western medicine and Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). My approach is integrated and i work very closely with the medical profession to offer blood tests and further investigation if required.

During this pandemic as acupuncturists in the UK, our clinics are closed. As a British Acupuncture Council member we are governed by a strict codes of  safe practise and professional conduct.  All members are listed on the register of The Professional Standards Authority of Health and Social Care set up by government for the protection of the public. For now I am offering my patients an on line service, with support, dietary and lifestyle guidance and acupressure prescriptions for home use. These prescriptions are researched and show evidence of being very effective. My treatment approach includes mindfulness and meditation practises. it can be so important when working with the body to reframe our mind and thinking for positive outcomes.

Colette Assor is a fertility and wellbeing expert with 25 years experience of holistically seeing patients  20 years post graduate experience in clinical acupuncture practise.  Email Colette for a free 15 minutes telephone consultation for help trying to conceive or to prepare for IVF.









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