Our fee structure is dependent on clinic  location.

Finchley Clinic   Hollickwood Avenue N12


Fertility Acupuncture                                  £65.00             50 mins

IVF Support Service                                   £65.00             50 mins

Acupuncture basic                                     £60.00             50 mins

Initial Consultation                                     £70.00              60 mins            

Labour Induction                                       £75.00              60 mins

Treatment packages available please call to discuss 0208 368 1130                   


Hendon Clinic  North West London Physiotherapy & Treatment Centre

Acupuncture & Fertility Acupuncture        £70.00                          45-50 mins

IVF support Service                                  £70.00                           50 mins

Initial Consultation                                    £80.00                           60 mins

Labour Induction                                       £75.00                           60 mins

Each patient is allocated 60 minutes, however treatment times will vary according to individual needs and specific conditions being treated.  Average treatment time is around 45- 50 minutes. 

Our IVF support service includes liason with consultants and clinics. Regular email support on scans, blood tests and treatments sessions planned and  targeted to your individual cycle requirements. You will be guided and supported holistically throughout your IVF journey with dietary and well being support for each week of your IVF  cycle.