Acupuncture for hayfever

Spring is here and, for 15 million of us, that means the misery of hay fever.

If you are one of the 25% of the population whose lives are made a misery by hay fever  you’ll be painfully aware that the pollen season is upon us.


Acupuncture can relieve hay fever symptoms

What are the classic symptoms of hay fever?   nasal itching, sneezing, itchy eyes, coughing, wheezing and watery nasal discharge. Some people also experience tiredness, shortness of breath head aches and fever.

What are the causes of hay fever?

Hay fever is usually  seasonal. People who are  allergic to tree pollen will develop symptoms from mid-March or early April.  Allergy  to grasses symptoms will appear mid-May or early June.

Hay fever or allergic rhinitis, the western terminology can occur all year round, this is usually caused by dust, molds, animal dander, or some kind of chemical.

Acupuncture for anxiety

acupuncture is a safe and effective treatment for hayfever

Conventional treatments include over the counter medication:  antihistamines, decongestants, intra-nasal topical corticosteroids or cromolyn sodium.  Most of these drugs have unwanted side effects, including  drowsiness.   Nasal decongestants can actually result in a worsening of symptoms due to reflex vasodilation and they are in a sense addictive as you need to use more and more to get the original effect. Use of corticosteroids is relatively safe but excessive dosages may lead to adrenal suppression.

There is strong medical evidence to suggest Acupuncture can help relieve symptoms

  • Controlled trials reveal 80% improvement in symptoms of runny nose and itchy eyes, from patients who received 8 weeks acupuncture treatment.
  • studies reveal people who complete a course of acupuncture have significantly improved symptoms.
  • Acupuncture is safe, relaxing and there are no unwanted side effects.
All Brtish Acupuncture Council Members follow a strict code of conduct and ethics

British Acupuncture Council members observe a strict code of conduct and complete degree level training.

A spokeswoman for the British Acupuncture Council said studies  prove what practitioners already knew. “Every summer, each practitioner in the UK will treat at least two or three hayfever sufferers,” “The symptoms can be helped quite substantially.”



“I have suffered from hay fever for more than 10 years and I’ve noticed that it has progressively worsened. Over the last 6 years I have used all the possible combinations of products available on the market and as a qualified health care professional I thought I had tailor made my annual regimen. Though my symptoms didn’t completely go, I thought there was nothing else I could try, until I heard about acupuncture. My profession is about pharmaceutics, so I had reservations about this, until I looked deeper into how acupuncture helps, that’s when I came across Colette. After just 8 session I have never felt such relief from my hay fever symptoms. Colette is a fantastic therapist, very professional and committed and I give her the highest of recommendations.! ” N.U. Pharmacist, Colindale.

Colette Assor practises in Hendon and Finchley, North London.  Colette graduated in 1999 in degree level acupuncture and has over 16 years experience of successfully treating patients.






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