Improve sleep and reduce anxiety with acupuncture

Regular treatments of ear acupuncture can help clear your mind, calm anxiety and give you a sense of wellbeing.

Most people receiving ear acupuncture comment on the peaceful, calming and empowering effects.


How does it work?

In general acupuncture is believed to stimulate the nervous system and cause the release of neuro chemical messenger molecules. The resulting chemical changes promote physical and emotional well being.

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Stimulation of certain acupuncture points has shown to affect certain areas of the brain that are known to reduce sensitivity to pain and stress as well as promoting relaxation and deactivating the analytical brain which is responsible for anxiety and worry.

Acupuncture is used extensively in substance misuse treatment centres. This stems from the development of a simple 5 point ear acupuncture protocol originally for drug users that is proven to calm the mind and ease anxiety.

Colette is a member of the British Acupuncture Council.

Colette is a member of the British Acupuncture Council.





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