Acupuncture in North London. 

Acupuncture Works was founded in 1999 by Colette Assor LicAc MBAcC, a highly trained & trusted acupuncturist with almost 20 years clinical experience.  A proud member of The British Acupuncture Council, the Leading regulatory professional body of Acupuncturists in the UK, we follow a strict code of conduct and ethics. All BAcC members are approved and registered with the Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social care, a guarantee you are in safe hands.  We specialise in the treatment of Fertility and IVF support, pain relief including back pain/sciatica, headaches, menopause and all stress related health conditions. Colette sits on the governing body of The Acupuncture Fertility Network and is a member of The British Fertility Society. 

Acupuncture at North West London Physiotherapy Centre Hendon

Ten minutes after needles are inserted, I’m asleep on the treatment table. Acupuncture has a cumulative effect, so the more treatments you have, the more likely you are to sleep soundly. Sign me up for four more. Deputy Features Editor Glamour Magazine 

I first saw Colette over a year ago just before i begun my IVF, i can only try to explain how the Acupuncture helped my anxiety levels. When i leave a session i feel calm and more positive. Colette is a very compassionate woman and very knowledgeable. I am currently 17 weeks pregnant. I would highly recommend Colette. Read more reviews Click here 

Why Choose us?

  • We have almost 20 years experience providing acupuncture for Fertility, pain relief, women’s hormonal health, anxiety, insomnia and all stress related health problems. 
  • We practise from established Acupuncture clinics at North West London Physiotherapy Centre, Hendon and in Finchley North London. 
  • Extensive post graduate certification in fertility, IVF support and pain management. 
  • Excellent results. Read our Reviews. 
  • Member of The British Acupuncture Council, the UK’s leading regulatory professional body.
  • We are Listed on the professional standards Authority Register, a guarantee of the highest standards of care.


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